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Adventure Gundog's goal is to provide friendly, honest, and reliable service to the hunting dog community.

My philosophy is that your puppy or adult dog already possesses the foundation of a great hunter that only needs their skills and confidence and natural ability developed along with some obedience to become confident partner's.

I feel that a personal approach is imperative and you can be confident that your dog will receive my honest efforts. 

I am a member of the Big Sky NAVHDA chapter. If you are interested in testing your pup for Natural Ability in NAVHDA, test twice a year (spring n fall)

  I'm also a new member in the ​NADKC Western  Region I'm excited to learn more about North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club 

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Below are links that can be helpful for grooming guidance, identification equipment, devices for training, and other helpful information. If you have any questions that you would like me to address please feel free to email me. 
I'll be happy to help with what I can.  

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