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JH Black Star's Explosive Big Bang Theory NA UT

Penny is a sweet dog with a strong desire to hunt on land or water. She points her birds hard with style and retrieves anything you shoot to hand. Penny is dual registered AKC and NAVHDA  Her  pedigree is full of tested versatile hunting dogs that have earned their right to pass on their genetics. Penny has an AKC Junior Hunter test title and she has passed one leg of her AKC Master hunt test title. In NAVHDA she has NA PZ lll 99 UT PZ lll 176. 

 VC Three Devils O Duke of Schmieding Farm, MH, 
NAVHDA NA Prize I (112) UT Prize I (204), VHDF HAE 71, AHAE 173 

Whelped 11 Apr 2011   PennHIP: 0.23 left/0.22 right OFA      Thyroid: Normal 

Duke is the best combination of high performance in the field and an exemplary companion. His outstanding desire to please and non-aggressive personality make him incredibly trainable and a joy with the family while achieving spectacular performance. You don't need a hardheaded aggressive dog to get great field results; you just need the genetics found in Duke.
                      Axel v Den Drei Teufeln, NAVHDA NA I, UT III
         Lager v Den Drei Teufeln, VHDF HAE 71, AHAE 174, CE Exc
                      Heidi vom Wiredhaus
VC Three Devils O Duke of Schmieding Farm, MH
                      Three Devils Ramblin Basque, NAVHDA NA II, UT III
         Three Devils Flight Risk, VHDF HAE 54, AHAE 172, CE VGd
                      Three Devils Xtreme Wired, NAVHDA NA I
Puppies will be $1500 with a $300 deposit. Deposit will ONLY be refunded if the sex you wanted isn't available. I did not breed for color, so I do not sell for color or hold pups for color. I breed for calm, friendly, healthy hunting machines. I'll do my best to match you with the pup of your dreams, and personality. Pups that go to homes that test in NAVHDA and  AKC will have preference.